“As I got older, it became harder for me to walk up the three flights of stairs to my door. I told Stanley, and he helped get the permit for us to build an elevator. Stanley Chang really cares about seniors like me.”

Tony Manzo, Waialae


“When my kids were little, I wanted Niu Valley to have a playground for them. Thanks to Stanley, we got matching funds and support from the City. Today, we have a beautiful new playground. Stanley Chang really cares about our keiki!”

Jeannine Johnson, Niu Valley


“Huge city buses would speed down our narrow residential street, endangering the neighborhood kids. Stanley Chang helped us get the bus re-routed, improving transportation safety for everyone. Stanley Chang fights for safety for our streets.”

Danielle Cunha, Hawaii Kai


“Stanley Chang came to my door, and I told him about a corroded light pole across my street. Less than a week later, city crews were there to repair the pole. Stanley Chang really listens to the community.”

Terry Porter

“We first met Stanley when he was our City Councilmember, as our community was struggling to protect land and trail access at the head of our valley. We have found Stanley to be responsive both as a City Councilmember and as a State Senator. He listens carefully and responds with integrity, bringing a broad vision to apply to local and district-wide concerns.”

Andrea and Rick Wagner, Retired (high school college and career advisor, and aerospace engineer), Wailupe Valley