Stanley Chang Listens


Responsiveness.  Our community deserves elected representation that listens and is able to deliver solutions to public policy issues.  Since beginning my first campaign, I have knocked on tens of thousands of doors to ask voters about their concerns.  I do not expect most voters to be able to take off work during business hours to testify before elected officials, or even submit written testimony.  That’s why my highest priority is to listen to the residents of East Honolulu one on one at their homes.  Our City Council office received the most phone calls, emails, questions, and complaints of any Council district, and our policy was to reply to all communications within 48 hours.  I have also championed the latest technology in making government more responsive, including the Honolulu 311 app that enables people to snap a photo of any community issue (including potholes, broken streetlights, or anything else) and submit that information to the City with the GPS coordinates of the location.  I support expanding the use of smartphone and other new technology to make government more accessible to the public.

Education.  We all know that an investment in education is an investment in our future.  Any conversation on improving public education must begin with resources.  Increasing budgetary support for public education, when done right, will enable Hawaii’s students to achieve more and be better prepared for the 21st century economy.  More funding means additional, better funded, and better supplied teachers as well as renovations for repaired or out-of- date buildings and many more important tools for increased educational outcomes.  Additionally, studies have demonstrated that there is no better indicator for academic success than whether a student was educated at a pre-school age.  If elected, I would support early childhood education to ensure all children have the access to the best education tools available and reasonable child care is not a barrier to a parent, who wants to return to work.

Homelessness.  Hawaii has the highest rate of homelessness in the nation.  It is the single most frequently cited issue by the thousands of constituents I’ve personally spoken with at their doors.  I have participated as an interviewer in the annual Point in Time Count.  Today, in Kahala, I live across from a homeless man who lives in his car.  Homelessness is an issue that affects virtually every community statewide.