Stanley Chang Delivers


IMG_3715Stanley Chang came to my door, and I told him about a corroded light pole across my street. Less than a week later, city crews were there to repair the pole. Stanley Chang really listens to the community.

-Terry Porter




IMG_8721As I got older, it became harder for me to walk up the three flights of stairs to my door. I told Stanley, and he helped get the permit for us to build an elevator. Stanley Chang really cares about seniors like me.

-Tony Manzo, Waialae




IMG_0939When my kids were little, I wanted Niu Valley to have a playground for them. Thanks to Stanley, we got matching funds and support from the City. Today, we have a beautiful new playground. Stanley Chang really cares about our keiki!

-Jeannine Johnson, Niu Valley






IMG_0929Huge city buses would speed down our narrow residential street, endangering the neighborhood kids. Stanley Chang helped us get the bus re-routed, improving transportation safety for everyone. Stanley Chang fights for safety for our streets.

-Danielle Cunha, Kamiloiki Valley, Hawaii Kai