About Stanley Chang

I was born and raised in East Honolulu to hardworking immigrants from China and attended Wai-Kahala Preschool, Kahala Elementary School, and Iolani School.  After graduating from Iolani school I attended Harvard College, graduating magna cum laude and Harvard Law School cum laude.  Before being elected to the City Council, I practiced law at Cades Schutte in Honolulu, specializing in real estate law.

From 2011 to 2015 I represented District 4, East Honolulu, on the Honolulu City Council.  During my time on the City Council, I served as the Chair of the Public Works and Sustainability Committee, where I oversaw roads, sewers, water, waste disposal, and other basic infrastructure needs of the city.  I also served as Vice Chair of the Budget Committee, which was responsible for the $2 billion operating budget and the capital improvements budget of the City.

I am deeply proud of my record of delivering for the people of East Honolulu.  During my campaign for City Council, I personally knocked on 19,000 doors in my district from Hawaii Kai to Waikiki.  During this time, the most frequent issue voiced by the people of East Honolulu was fixing our roads.  Over the four years of my Council term, I fought to triple the road maintenance program, from a $45 million mayoral proposal in 2011 to $132 million in 2015.  At this rate, all substandard roads on the island will be repaved within five years.  Perhaps even more importantly, to ensure that our roads never again deteriorate, I passed a measure to ensure that the system-wide pavement condition index have an average of 80, with no single road below a 60.

Over time, homelessness replaced roads as the single largest source of complaints, questions, and emails.  I successfully fought for a ban on sitting down and lying down on sidewalks in Waikiki.  Before the measure, dozens of homeless individuals could be found along Kalakaua and other major arteries.  Today, Waikiki has far fewer homeless individuals.  Of course, preventing sitting or lying on sidewalks does not solve homelessness.  At the same time, I fought for a record $40 million appropriation for Housing First and other programs to actually provide homeless persons with shelter.  The newly opened container shelter on Sand Island is a result of these efforts.

Beyond roads and homelessness, I also shepherded legislation to ban plastic bags; ban smoking at parks, beaches, and bus stops; and raise the smoking age to 21.  These important measures are just a few of the many I successfully spearheaded.  I was able to work effectively with my colleagues to pass important bills and to ensure resources are being allocated to the most important needs of our communities.

Stanley Chang, State Senator

If you have any questions, or would like to give general comments and suggestions, please contact me via email: stanley@stanleychang.com, or call my cell: (808) 778-5783.